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Moffett Manor Senior Living Apartments in Warrenton

Why a Senior Community is Right for You

More people who are 55 or better are choosing to live in a senior community, and it’s easy to understand why. There are so many ways that the right senior apartment community can improve your life. A senior apartment can remove many of the responsibilities and burdens that make senior life difficult, allowing you to live an easier, happier life!


The right senior community offers you lifestyle options that very few people can afford as homeowners. Fitness centers and swimming pools can provide health benefits without the additional cost or hassle of traveling to a club. An apartment community clubhouse provides access to beautifully decorated living spaces that you can share with family, friends, and community members. The clubhouse offers entertaining and meeting spaces that you can enjoy when you need them, maintenance-free when you don’t.

Outdoor Living

Senior Apartments in WarrentonIn addition to living space that you can enjoy without the work of homeownership, a senior apartment community allows you to enjoy the outdoors without the hassle of mowing, weeding, watering, raking leaves or snow removal. Your grandchildren can enjoy nearby parks and clubhouse facility without the need to get in the car and take them to a park. You won’t need to worry about clearing snow or leaves from sidewalks. You can enjoy the charm of Warrenton without working to adhere to strict yard maintenance rules.

Home Maintenance

In a senior apartment community, you can trust apartment management services to care for the details of home maintenance. Your appliances will be serviced by the apartment community management – when you have a problem with an appliance, you can rely on convenient, immediate emergency service. Your community manager is just as interested in keeping your apartment appliance working as you are! Apartment layouts also make it easy to keep your home clean. Issues like security, parking, trash services and recycling are the responsibility of apartment community management, allowing you to live without worry.


A great senior community can place you at the center of all the best parts of your favorite city! Access to great shopping and recreation are closer than ever before, making it easier for you to do the things you love to do without traveling long distances. Your community can also make it easier for you to get to health care appointments, church activities, and delicious dining options (so you can cook less, too).


Senior Apartments in WarrentonThe right senior apartment community can also keep you connected to neighbors and friends. A senior community is the perfect place for seniors to build a support network and make friends who enjoy the same things they do. You can find a new workout partner at the fitness center, join a community book club, or enjoy activities at the clubhouse. The right senior apartment community can help you to make lifelong connections with friends who share more than just an apartment community – they share your lifestyle.

The right senior apartment community can change your life and offer freedom you never thought you could enjoy! Tour Moffett Manor today to find the right senior apartment for you!