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Spring in Warrenton

Spring Has Sprung in Warrenton

With vaccines going out, restrictions winding down, and the weather warming up, spring in Warrenton presents the perfect opportunity to finally get out of the house with safe, socially distanced outdoor events and festivals, outdoor activities, and more! Here are a few activities and events we are looking forward to this spring in Warrenton;


Enjoy the beautiful spring foliage and flowers by taking a hike! Warrenton offers access to countless beautiful walking paths and hiking trails for any skill level. Some of our favorite trails around Warrenton include:

As well as many beautiful trails at the nearby Shenandoah National Park! Shenandoah National Park will be offering Fee Free Days at various dates throughout the year, to allow visitors to enjoy the park for free!

Outdoor Events:

Sunny spring weather creates the perfect occasion for safe, socially distanced outdoor events.

Warrenton Farmers MarketThe Clifton Institute is hosting Bird Walks on the Second Wednesday and Fourth Saturday. Novice and experienced birders will enjoy this guided 1-2 mile hike to look for the many species of birds that can be found on the field station.

Come out and enjoy fresh & local goods every Saturday at the Warrenton Farmers Market. The Farmers Market features all-locally grown and produced fruits, vegetables, poultry, pork, beef, eggs, pies, breads, and much more!

Enjoy the Historic Virginia Gold Cup on Saturday, May 29th! The Virginia Gold Cup has over the past century made steeplechasing one of the most prestigious sports in America. The event will feature tailgating, activities, and fun for the entire family!

Outdoor Dining:

Outdoor dining is the best way to dine at (and support!) your favorite restaurant while staying COVID-safe! Enjoy the perfect weather and delicious food with patio dining at Warrenton’s best restaurants or a picnic at the many wineries in the surrounding area. A few of our favorites include:

Spring provides countless opportunities to enjoy everything Warrenton has to offer, way more than we can fit in a blog post! The best way to discover Warrenton is to explore it yourself and experience it all! So mask up, stay safe, and get out to enjoy spring in Virginia!